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a multi-purpose electric ATV for leisure and busines

An early prototype, called Rouver made from out of nothing proves it can do the things it was designed for

The actual look of the device for the market will be more sexy


Catapeela works best for

Travel & Recreation

High-capacity batteries allow the customers to enjoy long-lasting and hassle-free rides

Rented classic ATVs take large chunk of time to get the needed service maintenance done


Preserving the seeding and the soil even if you drive diagonally through the fields

Tractors and ATVs may destroy the soil and seeding if they're out of special tracks

Forestry and rangers

Easily and almost silently drives through forests and even recreational areas without hurting the environment

Classic ATVs are usually not allowed in recreational and protected areas

Search and rescue

Speed and time are essential when saving someone's life in a distant and hard-to-reach locations

Classic ATVs are usually not allowed in recreational and protected areas. A wheel is broken? Oh no

More to research

Personal and business usage, logistics, even planet exploration in far future and beyond


What makes Catapeela unique


Regardless of the surface or obstacle's nature you just keep moving at the same fast pace

🙊 With classic ATVs it's easy to get injured at high speed

Ground and soil friendly

The extremely low pressure it produces gives no negative effects on the environment

🙈 Classic ATVs make deep tracks, destroy permafrost, flora


It's easy to move the device by 1 or 2 persons, when it's stuck. No special equipment is needed

Classic ATV got stuck in the mud in the middle of the nowhere? Oh my!


It weighs around 120 kg. No special equipment or trucks are needed to transport or move it

🙈 Owning an ATV means you have to buy or rent a lot of eqipment and tools to maintain it


You can still drive to the location even if one or two wheels are damaged.

🙅‍♀️ A moving part in a classic ATV is broken? You can't go further


Most of the key parts works independently. Something is broken? It can still drive

In classic ATV all key parts are interrelated. One part is broken? You're done


It drives on whatever grounds possible, including snow, sand, ice thanks to the special wheels

Classic ATV are out of business for around 150 days yearly due the fact they work warm days only


The independent wheels don't spend the power to dig the tracks. This increases the actual in-service time

Classic ATV spend a lot of of its power for its weight as well as the tracks it leaves

Easy to maintain

18 individual motors can be easily replaced by an unexperienced owner with a simple set of tools

Well educated and experienced engineers and equipments are needed to do the maintenance


The device is completely electric powered, made with reusable and recyclable parts. It also silent!

Classic ATVs are loud, fossil fueled devices. They are hurting the envionment in many ways


Capable to bear up to two adults on board and around 40 kg of cargo. Wow!

To carry the same payload classic ATV requires at least 500 kg of its own weight


Classic ATV have to reduce the speed on different grounds

Tech specs

Hardy: active driving for up to 6 hours Furious: up to 65 mph (~ 90 kmh) Lightweight: around 260 pounds (~ 120 kg) Peaceful and silent: up to 60 dB (like a regular conversation) it makes no signifacant noise that scares animals Muscular: a 10 kWt/h battery. It can also carry up to two persons Snacky: recharges in up to 1 hour *

* comparing to analogue batteries


Want to learn more? Or even have one for your unique needs? Contact sales team [email protected]


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Legal information

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